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A whittaker
Aaron Whittaker
Birth Date

Southern Kansas[1]









"[Easter] had shown "more surprises than a child's Easter basket""
—On how Whittaker got the nickname "Easter"Microsoft Game Studios - Crimson Skies - Pilots Gallery

Aaron "Easter" Whittaker of southern Kansas lost his home, wife and dreams to the Texas Rangers during a drought one summer. He launched a one-man counter-attack, fueled by revent, using only a crop duster. Ex-Ranger turned mercenary and pirate "Marshal" Bill Redmann soon befriended Whittaker. One of the few to quit Redman's band and live, they went their separate ways once Whittaker realized Redmann's idea of justice was even worse than what had happened to his family. From there Whittaker went north and worked as a mechanic in the People's Collective. Eventually he got back into piloting and earned himself the nickname "Easter."[1]


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