Crimson Skies Betty Charles
Betty "Brooklyn" Charles


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Fortune Hunters

Betty Charles, known as "Brooklyn" for her place of origin, is the youngest of the Fortune Hunters.

Betty is a competent pilot and flew as part of the Fortune Hunters throughout 1937. By 1938, the decreased size of the Fortune Hunters meant that she typically flew as Nathan Zachary's wingman. During Nathan's search for Big John in Sea Haven her plane was stolen by Ragin Cajuns which results in Nathan stealing their leaders plane. When Betty and Nathan confrunt Kahn in Chicago she is captured by the Red Skull Legon as she and Nathan try to escape Kahn's building. She is taken to one of Kahn's warehouses until Nathan resues her and they fly out in a Brigand. She attempts to join Nathan as he enters the lost city but is locked out. Betty is last seen with Nathan and the Pandora leaving Chicago after the Death of Von Essen and the destruction of Die Spinne.