British Empire

Constitutional monarchy


King George V



Largest City






The sun never sets on the British Empire!

From Australia to Canada, by way of India and Africa, the British Empire spans a quarter of the globe. Although it's only remaining holding in North America is the Protectorate of Ontario, the Empire is still strong in the rest of the world.

British naval forces guard the seas, protecting shipping and securing the King's interests. While the Royal Navy of His Majesty are unparalleled in the world, the same sadly cannot be said of the Royal Air Force, which is sadly lacking in combat-effective interceptor fighters.

While Britain and her allies were victorious in the Great War, it was not without considerable cost. Many observers speculate that the Empire will never truly recover from the War.

International RelationsEdit

The British Empire's main area of focus is the increasing menace of Nazi Germany and the effect that it is having on Europe. With the collapse of the United States, the British Empire and the USSR are the largest powers in the world, and the rising German nation is threatening their primacy.

However, the Empire is not blind to other opportunities, and was recently deflected by the merest chance from an armed occupation of the Kingdom of Hawaii. The Empire maintains cordial relations with most of its ex-colonies in what used to be Canada, with the exception of Quebec. It is also noticably friendly with the Confederation of Dixie and the Maritime Provinces, and is believed to be conducting negotiations with the Atlantic Coalition for most-favored-nation trading status, opening up again the lucrative trans-Atlantic trade.

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