Broadway Bombers



Loyle "Show-Stopper" Crawford


Manhattan, Empire State


Grumman E-1C Avenger

Whittly & Douglas M210 Raven

Curtiss-Wright P2 Warhawk

Known Members

Eugene "Money Man" Windthorpe III

Heather "Ivy" Iverian

Kenneth "Iron Horse" Vanderbilt

Carlton "Carpetbagger" Hawthorne

Nancy "Market Maker" Morgan

Active in

Empire State

The Broadway Bombers are the air militia of the Empire State. Well-equipped and highly-trained, the Bombers are one of the more highly-regarded militias.

Consisting of four squadrons - the Madison Venturers, the Carnegie Crusaders and the Rockefeller-sponsored Standard Oil First and Second Squadrons - the Broadway Bombers are responsible for maintaining the national security of the Empire State, a task at which they excel.

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