The choker rocket is a product of the DeBruin Company. It is a air-launched munition that is armed with a specialised warhead. The chemicals in the warhead, when mixed, combust extremely rapidly. This large, but low-temperature, combustion, consumes the surrounding oxygen extremely rapidly. Should an aircraft be near the site of the combustion at the moment it occurs, the combustion will lower the oxygen quotient of the surrounding atmosphere sufficiently quickly to cause the engine to stall.

Intially considered an entirely flawed concept, the choker rocket does function as advertised. However, the area of effect is both extremely small and incredibly short-lived. Affected aircraft are usually able to restart their engines quickly, and the main purpose of choker rockets is to confuse and disorientate targets.

Choker rockets have become very popular with the Deseret Air Force, who typically use them as warning shots. An aircraft that manages to restart its engine but does not turn back is then fired upon with flak.

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