Crimson Skies Rogue Flyer

Loren L. Coleman

Publication information

FASA Corporation

Release date





Wings of Justice

Followed by

Crimson Skies: Wings of Justice: Ghost Squadron

The year is 1937. The collapse of the old United States has made highways and railroads useless. Airlanes are all that connect the fractured nation-states of North America. Giant zeppelins cross the skies, protected from the rising tide of aerial piracy by squadrons of fearless fighter aces!

In Loren L. Coleman’s seventh novel, launching the fictional universe of Crimson Skies, Trevor Girard will stop at nothing to hunt down the air pirates who murdered his friend. As an agent of Blake Aviation Security, torn between his loyalty to the company and his vow to avenge his wingman, Girard risks crossing the line every time he take to the air. But this fight is worth the price, even if it costs him everything…

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