"' The Reich will last a thousand years"

Germany is a nation in west-central Europe.

Since the National Socialist German Worker's Party seized power in 1933, the remnants of Germany's temporary, ineffective democracy, the Weimar Republic, have been swept completely away. Vast public works and military re-armament programs, as well as sweeping social movements like the Hitler Youth, have galvanized the German economy and created a powerful sense of national unity and pride. Once embittered and humiliated by its defeat in the Great War of 1914-1918 and the punishing reparations payments that had to be made on the demand of Britain and France, Germany is now gaining strength by the day and steadily turning a greedy eye to the outside world. Land taken away from Germany after the Great War remains to be reclaimed, and the Nazis believe they have a mandate to make Germany the greatest and mightiest nation in the world.

Though forbidden to develop any significant armaments or military force by the Treaty of Versailles, Germany's charismatic leader, Adolf Hitler, has begun ignoring that Treaty with increasing boldness. While officially Germany's military operations are restricted to aiding Francisco Franco, leader of the Nationalist in the ongoing Spanish Civil War, there are unconfirmed reports of a link in between the Luftwaffe and Lucas Miles's sacred trust/black hats organization. Combined with implications that Nicolas von Essen and his organization, Die Spinne, have Hitler's tacit support if not outright approval, one is left wondering just how far Germany has its sights set.


Government Nazi one-party totalitarian dictatorship
Leader Adolf Hitler
Capitol Berlin
Population 66,000,000
Language German


  • Luftwaffe- The powerful and modern air force of Germany

International RelationsEdit

Germany's closest allies are Japan and Italy, also expansionist, militaristic states. It has also cultivated a relationship with the Nationalist side of the Spanish Civil War, sending military forces and logistical support to aid their leader, Francisco Franco, in achieving victory. If Franco emerges as the leader of a re-unified, fascist Spain, Hitler will have gained a third ally, with two of them close by in Europe.