Crimson Skies Ilsa Fassenbiender 3 (small)
Ilsa Fassenbiender






Wilhelm Fassenbiender (Father)


Aviation Scientist


Fortune Hunters, Boeing Aviation, Germany

Ilsa Fassenbiender, the daughter of renowned scientist Doctor Wilhelm Fassenbiender, is a scientist of no small talent.

Ilsa Fassenbiender migrated to the United States with her father shortly after the end of the Great War. By 1937, she was employed by Boeing Aviation in Pacifica.

Following her father's kidnap by USSR agents aboard the Workers' Voyage, Ilsa contacted the Fortune Hunters, informing them of her father's fate and requesting rescue. Once the Fortune Hunters had extracted her father from the Russian zeppelin, they were able to rescue Ilsa from the Boeing facility.

Freed from her obligations to Boeing, Ilsa assisted her father in his researches for the duration of their stay with the Fortune Hunters. Her whereabouts after that are unknown.


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