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"Big John" Washington



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Fortune Hunters, Texas Air Rangers, Navajo Headhunters

"Big John" Washington began his career as a mercenary first with a Texas Air Rangers squadron, and later switching sides to fly with a Navajo "headhunter" squadron.

John has a natural talent for piloting and soon was in demand in various pirate and mercenary squadrons, until he and Nathan met and became friends. Both pirates understand and share a strong sense of being outcasts in an unfair world, and both believe that their illegal actions are the price of maintaining their personal integrity, dignity and identity.

Later on, during the events of High Road to Revenge, Big John takes over Sparks' job as the Pandora's new Engineer and Navigator. [1]


Crimson Skies

Crimson Skies: High Road To Revenge

Notes and ReferencesEdit

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