Messerschmitt Bf 106 Piranha



4 machine guns, Tesla projector

Used By

Die Spinne

Produced under close security at the Bayerische Flugzeugwerke, the Bf 106 was bought exclusively by agents of the German government and supplied to Von Essen and his Die Spinne group.

Von Essen had the Piranha's hardpoints replaced with his own Tesla projector, a weapon designed to disable an enemy's avionics, making him easy prey to the Piranha's machine guns. Although effective, the Piranha suffered against heavier opposition, and was almost totally ineffective against zeppelins.

Von Essen therefore acquired the Focke-Wulf Fw 206 Doppleganger to provide his growing air force with heavier firepower. Die Spinne air forces rapidly developed the most effective strategy - Piranhas would distract and destroy escort fighters, while the heavier Dopplegangers would use their earthshattering Blockbuster cannon to destroy hard targets.


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