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Navajo Territory

Tribal council




Parts of Arizona




Wind Warriors Air Militia

Notable Citizens

Soloho Salawa

Ceded to the Navajo people from Arixo in 1935, Navajo Territory is one of the most isolationist countries in North America. Crossing the Territory without permission is punishable by death, and the Navajo enforce this rule with the aid of their dangerous Wind Warriors Air Militia.

Because of their independence from Arixo, the Arixo state militia refuses to assist the Navajo with their national security, which has allowed Los Muertos bandits to establish a foothold in the border regions.

The Navajo Territory also includes the Ravenscroft Manufacturing Works, which produces the aircraft that have allowed the Navajo to maintain their national security.

While it is called the Navajo Territory, a number of smaller Native American tribes also reside there, most notably the Hopi.

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