Republic of Texas

President Austin Crockett


Texas, Oklahoma




Texas Air Rangers

While the Prohibition and the Great Influenza Epidemic played a part, it was the Wall Street Crash of 1929 that drove an irrevocable wedge between the united States. Texas, always fiercely independent, was the first to declare its secession from the Union, which came into effect January 1, 1930.

Bordered by the People's Collective, the Confederation of Dixie, Arixo and the Estados Unidos Mexicanos, the Republic depends on its strong militia to maintain its borders and independence.

Texas is perhaps unique among the nations of North America in that it has neither sworn enemies nor dedicated allies, instead maintaining a policy of disinterest, if not distaste, for all other nations. The rest of North America treats the generally hostile Texas like nitroglycerin - with great caution, lest it react violently with great loss of life.

Recently, however, the Texas Air Rangers seem to have moved to a much more confrontational stance, particularly with the French Foreign Air Legion in French Louisiana along the border and the People's Collective militia over Kansas Territory.

Texas also includes the mostly-independent Protectorate of Oklahoma. While considered part of the Republic, the Protectorate maintains its own elected legislature and president, although both are considered mostly ceremonial when compared to the government in Austin. Two Texas Air Ranger bases in the Protectorate ensure the security of the Republic's northern border.

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