The Sniper Cannon is an unusal weapon, typically found only on autogryo aircraft such as the Ford Hoplite and the General Motors Minigyro. Using an advanced optical system and a precision-machined rifled barrel, the Sniper Cannon is capable of propelling a 40mm shell nearly a mile with pinpoint accuracy.

Given the size of the shell and the relatively diminuitive carrying capacity of a autogryo, sniper cannon-equipped aircraft typically have only a small supply of ammunition.

The Sniper Cannon is a difficult weapon to use against aircraft, but it is utterly devastating against fixed ground targets such as turrets and guntrucks. The enormous range of the sniper cannon means it can be used from outside the effective range of such defences, allowing attackers to strike with relative impunity. Maximized accuracy can only be achieved while hovering, however, making sniper cannon-equipped attackers vulnerable to enemy aircraft.

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