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Ellen Sue Ryder






Fortune Hunters

Ellen Sue[2] "Tex" Ryder is a character in the Crimson Skies PC game. Not much is known about Tex, other than being a wingman to "Buck" Deere. She flown in several different missions in the game as a fighter pilot. She only appears in the first game and does not appear, or is mentioned of, in the Xbox sequel.



Notes and ReferencesEdit

  1. Crimson Skies PC Playthrough: The Red Menace at 3:33 of the video, Zachary tells two crewmates that they will be covering him while he goes after the Zeppelin to dock with. One man answers, which is Big John. The other that answers is a woman, meaning that Tex is indeed a female.
  2. "Tex" Ryder's Devastator at Not much to go by, but the title of the devastator includes Tex's real first and middle names.

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