A large luxury passenger zeppelin, the Workers' Voyage was owned and operated by the USSR in 1937. The Workers' Voyage was conducting a tour of the western coast of North America when it was used by Cheka agents to seize the German scientist Wilhelm Fassenbiender.

Unfortunately for the Workers' Voyage, Fassenbiender's daughter, Ilsa was able to contact Nathan Zachary's Fortune Hunters, who immediately launched a rescue attempt. Driving off their on-board security planes and a squadron led by the Black Swan herself, the Fortune Hunters were able to rescue the doctor and escape.

Shortly after this encounter, the Workers' Voyage was again attacked by pirates - this time the fiendish Black Hats. With the loss of their escort squadron, the Workers' Voyage was destroyed by the Black Hats and crashed off the coast of Pacifica. The hospital ship Compassion attempted to rescue surviving passengers and crew, but was attacked by Black Hat Brigands and Boat Balloons, before these attackers were driven off by none other than the Fortune Hunters.

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